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Party on Monday in Toronto with all of you are you excited? PlanetJedward!

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1351 days ago

Party on Monday in Toronto with all of you are you excited? PlanetJedward!


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Little_Gagacorn 1349 days ago

You guys are just too amazing for this world =:)

killthephoenix 1350 days ago


xTracey1x 1350 days ago


JEDHEAD_INES 1351 days ago

awesome !

xAllward 1351 days ago

Just so you know, yesterday, we were trying to trend #EdwardsDuffleCoatAppreciationDay :'D

xAllward 1351 days ago

Both of you look amazing in that coat ❤ And I love your hair, it looks blonder :D ❤

JuliaKotenyova 1351 days ago

Wow guys you both look so fashionable. Hypnotizing really. Want to watch this music vid so bad<3

xkristiinax92 1351 days ago

my eyes blinded by your beauty.loving the coat John.fits you so well. xx

KatriK_ 1351 days ago

you're drop dead gorgeous! you know that, right!?

TheNathiJEDWARD 1351 days ago

Edward! YOUR HAIR!!! It's perfect!!

Usayfreak 1351 days ago

Looks like Canada's doing you good. Very modelly :)

belindacostello 1351 days ago

Hi jedward the photo is beautiful and lovely. :)

sandyJED 1351 days ago

I Just hugged my computer hahahaha I LOVE YOU MY ANGELS<3333

crazyjedwardx 1351 days ago

OMG, WOW! You look incredible love the coats.

Katharine_T 1351 days ago

When I went the hot chocolate had a CN tower shaped stirer stick! Well worth going for ;)

Katharine_T 1351 days ago

Is there no snow? Have you been up the CN Tower yet? There is hot chocolate at the top.

roadrunner1904 1351 days ago

are you preparing yourselves for the fashion week??? omg, we need more model pix of you! #beauts #CasualClothes <3

MiryJed 1351 days ago

i love your outfits <3 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
i can't wait tomorrow <3

_xVanyx_ 1351 days ago

Pure perfection.

luminousparkles 1351 days ago

Guys are you trying to make me cry I can't handle these feels omg