~ Êeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh this my nigga gettin old haha, first I want to apologize for my horrible english haaha, Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaza, congratulations my prince .. I Hope that day is extra special for you to end your birthday is, everything that is good in the world is too little for all that you deserve. no need to write a huge text saying I love you how you are special to me and blah blah blah .. because I love you and I need not stay to prove That doing nothing is not it? HAHA I know You Should not be reading this more it costs nothing to try .. hehe dude I love your hair this is beautiful , it's our lovely man, his style , his voice, his look, his personality, his playfulness That .. in fact I love absolutely everything about you, I honestly never Believed in more perfection from the moment I saw you, really changed my opinion completely, because perfection exists and is called Zayn J. Malik, and every day I wonder how I can love a person who does not even know I existos? be crazy? Never because I know we're going to see you? I pray every day for that to happen, but I know deep down That will never happen and it really just me: (most anyway I will not stop loving you I will not give up NEVER, NEVER, NEVER 'rs Earlier I tried just like you, because everything was so simple. want love ... Not saying that "love is not for me! much I like being alone." But with you it your way, silly, innocent, tasty .. I managed to go beyond just liking. Today I love you But I love you? There is an answer .... no reason ... no reason ... I love love and When We Should not we seek Reasons for this love. Perhaps this is the pure love that ... nothing to see, nothing is perfect ... just the search, simply by being a pure love, loving. Unable to understand, if I'm crazy for you, I do not know. I lose my reason, why my heart still can not find Reasons to love you. surrendered only, surrendered to the sweet man and an idiot like you, my love. Those Lips That ambos say "I love you" will never lie When repeat it again. How I love you I ... had to give my heart to you to know what it was to love someone. never hurt you ... I promise to make him the happiest man in the world ... you will be forever in love you always. And if not always enough and you think he lasted just close your eyes and let me start all over again. 'll love you again tomorrow, for now I can not promise the love I gave you yesterday, nor love I give you today. promise to love you tomorrow and the other days are still coming That, you know why? Because I love you! Our I said I would not write the text where we're most looking haha, well I'd better stopping by here, because when i start talking to you I do not stop anymore, Zaa good, I wish much love, much peace, good health, success in your life ... a lot of happiness. too wish That you come to Brazil ta?.. anyway, I love you, love you, love you, love you ... and not just to lose the habit VAS HAPPENIN MY LOVE? s2s2s2s2 HAHAHAHA I Fucking Love You Zayn Malik * - * ....  @ZaynMalik