The Sinful Talisman Of Demetri

-Controlled "Let Demetri consume your worthless soul..."
-Enemy "This world should not allow pathetic being such as you to even breath the air that I breath..."

In the dawn of time, Nulgath could not contain the conflict of Good and Evil inside him. Thus, he created 2 parallel worlds. In the Parallel World of Oversoul, Nulgath's Redemption (Thagnul) brought peace and harmony, removing any trace of bad or evil in the land. Many believed that Good is for the powerless and the weak but once Thagnul converted every creature to Good, many believe that Evil is for the powerless and weak. But there was one entity that never accepted Thagnul's quest of peace. Thagnul believed that the power of the entity rivaled the power of himself, which he could not accept, thus creating The Great Talisman. This powerful object was created to amend the hatred of any being once placed onto their body, no matter how immoral or sinful they may be. And so, Thagnul placed the talisman upon the entity. The entity did not fight back which puzzled Thagnul. The entity lifted up his head, with a great big smirk on his soulless face. The entity tore of the talisman and grasped it tight in his hands. A dark flame began to consume his hands, then his arms, then his body. Thagnul could feel the intense sharpness of the cold from the flame began to realise how powerful this being actually was. His power never actually rivaled this entity, but made Thagnul look pathetic and weak. Thagnul attempted to escape from this tainted creature. Finally, the entity had transformed from the dark, misty wisp to a Dark, Grim Juggernaut of pure evil and power. The Great Talisman was now corrupt with evil and hatred. The entity raised his hand which held the Tainted Talisman by some frosted chains. Thagnul began to feel a chilling sensation from the inside, soon realising that he was getting frozen from the inside..., his final wish... is to overthrow the Great Fiend, Nulgath...

1x Combo – He raises his hand with the Talisman and the eyes of the talisman glow bright blue
2x Combo – He raises his hand with the talisman and a giand fist of shadow pounds the enemy twice
3x Combo – He disappeares and 3 slashes attack the opponent 3 times
5x Combo – A dark blue aura engulfs Demetri and he dashes towards the enemy, then returns. He raises his hand with the talisman and 3 portals appear. 3 shadows of Demetri englufed in the blue aura surround the enemy. One is the left, right and above. Then they all strike at the enemy and a dark blue ring fades away from the opponent .The portals and shadows fade away.

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