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Tony Mui
Nicolette Callaway
Daniel Bartkewicz
Jarred Kjack
Lars Stevens

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 Movie Calendar.  The Movie Spoiler  GOT SPOILERS? Send them in! Remember, I'm rewarding the submitters with a $10 iTunes gift certificate for every FULL Movie Spoiler THAT I USE! That could be YOU!!!  Spoiler alert: Plot and finale of 'Star Trek' movie revealed.  'Elementary': SPOILER ALERT finally shows up.  kind of. Tags:. January 4 Texas Chainsaw 3D; January 11 Gangster Squad;.  'Contagion': Spoiler Alert! Are Movie Trailers Giving Away Too.   Relive the '80s music, movies and culture with Times online editor Steve Spears. by Denise Warner.  Star Trek 2 Spoiler During MTV Movie Awards; Amazing Spider-Man #698 Spoiler Leaked Online;  Spoiler Alert | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! Movies  View the Spoiler Alert photo gallery on Yahoo! Movies.   'Portlandia' Spoiler Alert: Fred & Carrie Want To Ruin Every Movie & TV Show (VIDEO)  Should Spoiler Alert Be Banned? | ComicBook.com  Assuming spoiler alert survives making the list,. Spoiler Alert will have a special screening sponsored by the Modern Film Fest in Kannapolis, NC on March 24th. A teen during the greatest decade ever, Steve is obsessed with everything from Duran.   Movie like "Contagion" and "The Double" are giving away too much plot in their trailers.   Check out the trailer on YouTube   Basement Tape Films Presents Spoiler Alert  MODERN FILM FEST!!!!! Posted: February 13, 2011. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.   Spoiler (media) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The words "spoiler alert" in full capitals is usually used to warn readers of a spoiler..  hould no movie be allowed to consider [the moral issue]?"  'Portlandia' Spoiler Alert: Fred & Carrie Want To Ruin Every Movie.   SPOILERT ALERT MOVIE | CAST AND CREW - Basement Tape Films.  kind of  'Elementary': SPOILER ALERT finally shows up