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  Swamp Thing The Series: Volume Two: Swamp Thing is a sincere cult item.   Swamp Thing Vol 2 - DC Comics Database  Back to Comics Contents: Comics S: Swamp Thing Vol 2 Swamp Thing. 2 #47 (May 1986) (Tefé Holland). 1-2 - DVD Trailer - YouTube  DVD trailer for Swamp Thing: Volumes 1 and 2.   Swamp Thing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Swamp Thing Vol.   DVD Verdict Review - Swamp Thing: The Series, Volume Two  Opening Statement.  Video: Standard 1.33:1 Color: Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo Studio: Shout Factory Production Year: 1992  Rediscovering Horror Fiction » Saga of the Swamp Thing, Volume 2. Swamp Thing inspired two video games based on the 1991 animated series that same year. 2 - DVD Talk - DVD Movie News. 2: Dick Durock, Mark.  Swamp Thing: the Series Vol.   Amazon.com: Swamp Thing: The Series, Volume Three: Movies & TV  When Dr.   Saga of the Swamp Thing, Volume 2.  • Swamp Thing: Roots • Swamp Thing (Volume 5) Other Media: Swamp Thing (Movie) • Swamp Thing. A creation of Len.  Video games.   The First Half of the Epic Third Season Finally Comes to DVD! The incredible adventures of the Swamp Thing continue with this 4-DVD set, containing the first 25