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new Star star captain revamp

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1326 days ago

new Star star captain revamp


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Pyroskope 1302 days ago

That cannon....

Pyroskope 1302 days ago

The shoulder cannon thing ruins this armor for me. I was going to where this all the time. But.....

IsaacSmith_AE 1325 days ago

Awesome Sauce!

aftermass 1325 days ago

what template have you been using for your new armors

Dage_The_Great 1326 days ago

umm..........you really need to get red of that gun on the side it is really bugging me in game

TheManWithABox 1326 days ago

veri armors

TheManWithABox 1326 days ago

you should totally do a promo pic with all three

PyrusBlaze 1326 days ago

If it's a cape then it's ok...

PyrusBlaze 1326 days ago

So.. that... Cannon, Gun or whatever you call it... Seems a little random...

TheManWithABox 1326 days ago

yeah i dis like the cannon as well it just dosn't look right

they made the astral starcap look like starlord when it should have been the star cap uniform

humzaawan123 1326 days ago

cool...but no animations on D lord :(

TomcatArts 1326 days ago

I hate to be picky, but why are you esentially re-releasing Astral Star Captain, only with 1 minor change?

ArchfiendTheo 1326 days ago

My only question/concern is Why the purple on the Shoulder Cannon? Other than that its terrific!

GompaAE 1326 days ago

A cannon? Seems a bit random to put there, still this looks really good. I really like the shoulders on this one compared to the Star Captain released a few weeks back.

DageTheEvil 1326 days ago

btw the visor is animated as well as a few other things