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male and female dragon lord revamps

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1326 days ago

male and female dragon lord revamps


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AvengerAQW 1322 days ago

off the charts

IsaacSmith_AE 1323 days ago

I really like the dragon on the chest armor:D

IsaacSmith_AE 1323 days ago

Possum Sauce!

GimliAE 1325 days ago


SephiraTenshi 1325 days ago

can you add something to cover the leg of the female please?

Veneeria_AQW 1325 days ago

those dragonlords are so epic..... :O

ZeldaHoly 1325 days ago

Please redo Guardian because this is awesome and the new guardian just....isnt

Bloodsiphon 1325 days ago

Kind of dumb that the female one doesnt have heels still really good armor here

AiasAE 1325 days ago

Omg yes! Win

Sander_vd_M 1325 days ago

I really like this new DragonLord redesign but will we still be able to get regular DragonLord?

Zinrio666 1325 days ago

Epic Win!

PyrusBlaze 1325 days ago

OMG... it's awesome!!!!

Bloodsiphon 1325 days ago

Ahhhh man no heels....bummer still a really awesome armor u made here

BlackRoseUmbra 1325 days ago

The design and details are great, but the shading is inconsistent. Other than that, it looks great.

OptimusSuperior 1326 days ago

You're making guardians look bad TT^TT

Paul_Apollo 1326 days ago

Wow, amazing job! Hope the Star Captain comes out soon! :D

PkerSlayer 1326 days ago

Omg. You outdid yourself Dage, the female looks amazing and NO HEELS<3 You're learning now, man!

WeilunWang1 1326 days ago

20x more epic than guardian -_- now i wish i got dl D:

Dsx419 1326 days ago

this is absolutely amazing.

CivilPhoenix 1326 days ago

Helmz legit.