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Henry Stephenson
Edgar Norton
Lucien Littlefield
Sylvia Sidney
Ray Walker
Edward Arnold
Cary Grant
Vince Barnett

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will back her country's bond issue. 6.  30 Day Disney Princess Challenge 1. Actors: Sylvia Sidney: Nancy Lane / Princess Catterina · Cary Grant: Porter Madison III · Edward Arnold: Richard M.   Thirty-Day Princess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Thirty-Day Princess is a 1934 black-and-white comedy film starring Sylvia Sidney, Cary Grant and Edward Arnold.   Thirty Day Princess Review - The Ultimate Cary Grant Pages  The movie is dated, but again, it is forerunner to the screwball comedies that Cary excels at later..  Favorite sequel: Toy Story 3 Day #21: An overrated movie: none Day #22:. Gresham · Henry.  finds herself the titular '30-Day Princess.'.  Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Cary Grant: Screen Legend Collection.   Thirty Day Princess is an excellent little movie about a foreign princess who comes to America.  - "30 Day Princess" is a Ruritanian romance with the charming. S.  Princess for a Day Party; Cinderella Party; Tea Party Tips; Princess Gift Guide; Toys for the Princess-Obsessed;.   Cary Grant was on the cusp of stardom when he made the five Paramount films included in this nicely priced Screen Legend Collection . Based on a story of the same name by Clarence. 3