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1st look at the new guardian revamp

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630 days ago

1st look at the new guardian revamp


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BlackRoseUmbra 628 days ago

Shoulders should be a bit taller, and the shading on the left side needs to be flipped.

AracnidAQW 629 days ago

Don't get me wrong, I like the design of the torso and the legs, but the belt and shoulders seem like a completely different armor, not Guardian.

Zinrio666 629 days ago

I'm totally excited to see what the dragonlord revamp looks like :D

JeffTechnoWizAQ 629 days ago

I wouldn't mind seeing ya do the Ultra Guardian armor. would be interesting.

zackfair81_KoD 630 days ago

Awesome Dage!

AracnidAQW 630 days ago

I would prefer if it looked like the current AQ guardian armor. But AQW's staff doesn't seem to have any respect for AQ items.

HyorranSiqueira 630 days ago

more reaching this new guardian wanna be with my old

HyorranSiqueira 630 days ago

mais se vinher essa nova guardian quero ficar com a minha velha

CivilAE 630 days ago

The beltz kinda through me off, few tweakz would be good. ah man, not to helpful atm.

MeinTeil95 630 days ago

make a cc version and i say this will be great but non cc i rather have the old.

Paul_Apollo 630 days ago

Nice job! I espicially love the shading! :D

Bloodsiphon 630 days ago

Looks awesome to me lolwho fcing cares if doesnt exactly look llike guardian

MichalLeski 630 days ago

I like the design, but I've never liked the original yellow trim. Any chance of coloring it gold?

AiasAE 630 days ago

Omg Dragonlord is gun' be epic

Alchemist_Gira 630 days ago

wow AQW old guardian looks way outdated when compared O_o
cant wait to see Dragon Lord revamp :D!

NinjatyShadow 630 days ago

This doesn't at all look like Guardian. Sure, it's got the colors, but nothing else seems right.

Art_DS_Raja 630 days ago


LunettaRodrigo 630 days ago

pretty cool

Top_AE 630 days ago

Nice! I dont like the shading of the knee and shoulders, i cant understand it.......and the lower part of the leg has too much yellow in my oppinion.

Quintenii_AE 630 days ago

The shoulder and the knee is fantastic!