1. Shots Close Up:  Xander Zhou - Menswear - Fall Winter 2013  #XanderZhou #LCM #LondonCollections - SIGNATURES: “Deconstructionism, playing with form and function, using unconventional materials, taking everyday elements out of context… It’s elegance but not slick.” - TRADEMARK PIECES: “Trench coats and pyjamas.” - IDEAL CLIENT: “Whoever digs my designs. People of all ages and identities have bought my ‘young menswear’. Who knows, maybe some weren't even human? ;-)” - THE COLLECTION: “The name of the collection is "Homies", which reflects street culture, a boys-will-be-boys mentality, and lays bare the kind of vanity found in streetwise guys who do not readily admit that they actually do care about the way they dress.”