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Gunnar Hansen
Timothy Stultz
Maggie Denning
Joel Denning
Johnny Alonso
Lisa Burdette
Gerry Paradiso
Rigg Kennedy
Jamie Linck O'Brien
Sharon Graves

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Pure entertainment! Gunnar Hansen says more in this 90 second trailer than he did in 84 minutes of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.   Swarm of the Snakehead is a 2006 movie.  Swarm of the Snakehead (2006) - MoviesPlanet - Watch Movies Online. With Gunnar Hansen as null.  Amazon.com: Swarm of the Snakehead  "Swarm of the Snakehead" Showing 3 Results Choose a Department.   Swarm of the Snakehead (2006) - IMDb  With Jamie Linck O'Brien, Lisa Burdette, Timothy Stultz.   Swarm of the Snakehead (2006) - IMDb  Director: Frank Lama, Joel Denning. Short. Actors: Jamie Linck O'Brien: Ashley Emerson · Lisa Burdette: Mayor Janice Appleyard · Maggie Denning: Margarita · Timothy.   Swarm of the Snakehead Movie Review.   Swarm of the Snakehead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Swarm of the Snakehead is a 2006 comedy / horror feature film directed by Frank A. Denning and written by Seth Hurwitz. Part snake. #film; #frank lama; #maryland; #tolinfx; 7 months ago; Permalink; Share. null  Swarm of the Snakehead | CrankedOnCinema.com  Straight to Video; Director: Frank Lama, Joel Denning ; Written by: Seth Hurwitz; Running Time: 95 minutes; Language: English; MPAA Rating: UNRATED; Cast: Gunnar. Source: twitpic.com. Lama and Joel C.   'Swarm of the Snakehead' - baltimoresun.com  'Swarm of the Snakehead' Q&A with Seth Hurwitz, writer and producer of the Maryland-filmed comedy. With three sullen daughters in tow, a hapless father returns to his hometown only to discover the residents..