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Meet my new son, Michael Dmitri Ingraham!!

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2473 days ago

Meet my new son, Michael Dmitri Ingraham!!


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ajxtal 2453 days ago

Dang. I was hoping you weren't married! Cute kid.

scott_starks 2460 days ago

Laura, will you adopt me too?

bergama 2468 days ago

He's a doll, and it's obvious he has inherited his mother's spunk!

ShannonBream 2469 days ago


reallozeerose 2469 days ago

Congratulations. What a handsome fellow. May the Lord keep you and bless you both.

plasticsnetwork 2469 days ago

We have a grandson about his age awesome! The only thing...if he is as strong willed as you..what happens if he becomes a liberal?? Naw - no way! He will have to carry on your leagacy for sure!! Need someone to correct the Ill's of the current administrat

mistyacres77 2469 days ago

Laura, congrats on your son and also your daughter. I LOVE your show and listen to you every day. I was so HAPPY to hear Nick on your show. He was fantastic. What he was trying to telling you is John 3:16 and that he (Nick) is SA

drofjustice 2470 days ago

Congratulations Laura and Big Sister Maria!

magemc7777 2470 days ago

Congratulations Laura!! Have your son teach our President how to pitch a ball!

docpear 2472 days ago

I just know you'll be a great mom! Heck - being in gestation for about two years proves that! (Now that's dedication.) Congrats!

DeathofFreedom 2472 days ago

He is darling and his mother is fantantic in her fight to keep America free for this gift from heaven.

grandestparty 2472 days ago

Michael's beautiful. You're both very fortunate.

dadd2009 2472 days ago

Beautiful boy! You must be so happy. Congratulations.

jackcoleman 2472 days ago

Moved to tears when I heard you talk about this on the radio, Laura. God bless you and your growing family -- this is awesome!

pfloyd234 2472 days ago

CUTE!!! Keep up the good work.....with your career AND making cute babies of course!! :)

peafowldotcom 2472 days ago

Nice looking kid Laura! Nice to see his photo on my b-day! From the peacock guy in Iowa,

ewfltd 2472 days ago

Congratulations Laura on your handsome son! Many blessings for your family!

kkhillukka 2472 days ago

Oh, he's a darling. I have 2 from China so I understand exactly what you're feeling. Congratulations!

DeathofFreedom 2472 days ago

A Givet from Heaven, darling. Another reason to fight Obama destroying America, our great country.

DeathofFreedom 2472 days ago

A gift from heaven. The reason it is so important to save America for Michael and the future generations. Obama is destroying America.