Blackshock Concept Sketch

Defiled, twisted, and inhuman in nature, what once was a bright and talented dynamancer is now a being of pure energy corrupted by the shadows. In an attempt to supercharge himself with a mysterious element known only as dark energy by the means of a ritual involving human sacrifices to absorb all their mana, the mage's body was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of dark energy and was burned to ashes. Where his body lay, vast immeasurable amounts of dark energy resides bound to his earthly soul. The unholy fusion of darkness and energy, this being wanders seeking other powerful mages to siphon their energy in a vain attempt to feed his insatiable hunger.  Some mages argue such a being even existed and claim he is just a fairy tail used to ward off the younger mages from foolish acts, but the bodies of mages who lie a fried crisp, drained of all their mana say otherwise.