7. Shots SHOW: James Long @JamesLongLondon Menswear - Fall Winter 2013 #JamesLong #LCM #LondonCollections - SIGNATURES: “Leather, knits and accessories. Strong, bold, directional menswear.” - IDEAL CLIENT: “The model Alex Dunstan is one of my ideal customers.” - TRADEMARK PIECE: “A leather technique piece and a signature knit." - THE COLLECTION: “It's a show that is inspired by all things John Waters and a special interest in marquetry.” - ON BRITISH MENSWEAR: “British menswear is unique as it includes new ideas mixed with the traditional! In the last 5 years, the platform and support for new designers have grown and are supported by sales rooms: Fashion East’s MAN show used to be the only show in town for young menswear designers. This season, the men’s shows are on the international schedule, which is a massive change.”