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I know, I know... such a tourist. but, had a hot date with a gal named mona. much tinier in person.

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2731 days ago

I know, I know... such a tourist. but, had a hot date with a gal named mona. much tinier in person.


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devoncinammon 2705 days ago

wow u managed to squeeze thru the front of the crowd!

funluvn55 2709 days ago

touch her LOL wonderful trip in Paris

funluvn55 2709 days ago

Oh my gosh she is tiny and now framed in glass! I saw her about 9 years ago and she was just roped off with a guard standing by her. I'll never forget because I stood by her and pointed and the guard pushed my hand down saying I was too close and I might

theteslas 2716 days ago

You're married with kids. Don't get framed.

o2binlaalso 2716 days ago

What a tease u r Dr.! lol :P I have always admired you, Dr. (I just starting following u = on Twitter, not like a stalker) Hi from Western Canada !!

shruthi_archana 2729 days ago

she's tiny for a huge man...........,dude

BeeFlag 2731 days ago

tiny but still larger than life

Zwitscherlini 2731 days ago

ya... a very famous hot gal...

beamoore61 2731 days ago

Tiny, maybe, but she is looking very picturesque!

WyclefWarriors 2731 days ago

Sanjay... you're still single? Let's meet for lunch. ;)

laurenchante 2731 days ago

Awesome! Looks like you got nice and close.

They now let you take pictures, based upon advances in preservation technology.

PipersMom09 2731 days ago

Hey I thought you weren't allowed to take pictures in the museum! Always an exception for the good doc!

kellyfd 2731 days ago

Ha ha first thing everyone sez - yes very much smaller one imagines the painting size to qualify legend! Also thick plexiglass makes it bizarre.

fygd 2731 days ago

Tiny is right! But, beautiful!

KevinOfMI 2731 days ago

I heard in high school history that the painting used to be bigger, and that it was cut down to fit a frame a few years after Da Vinci's death.

_MissGeorgette 2731 days ago

i heard she was rather dull

youngtej 2731 days ago

ha ha, doc. You had me fooled. Did you confirm it was the real one?

Edogaijin 2731 days ago

you know why they called her Mona right?

MissSUGARxo 2731 days ago