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i might watch the movie. Date: 12/21/2012. MOST POPULAR..   Here's the very first episode of Space Janitors, as premiered on The Escapist, where you can see it in HD.. Search .  Space Janitors - Behind the Scenes Episode 4 - Video  Ely Henry brings us another look into the making of Space Janitors and shows us what it takes to remove an arm. 1 video Space Janitors.   Space Janitors - YouTube  Browse | Movies | Upload.   Space Janitors | Official site of the comedy series  Space Janitors just wrapped shooting season 2 and to celebrate the cast is going to improvise scenes that didn’t make the final cut of your favourite Star Wars movies. Actors: Brendan Halloran: Darby Richards · Pat Thornton: Mike Chet · Tess Degenstein: Elle · Evany Rosen: Edith Kingpin · Scott Yamamura.   The Janitors Office on Myspace Films - New Films & Documentaries  The Janitors Office's profile on Myspace, the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of our fans..   The Escapist : Video Galleries : Space Janitors . Actors: Brendan Halloran: Darby Richards · Pat Thornton: Mike Chet · Tess. Zero Dark Thirty.  two janitors on board a battle station for the evil Empire trying to hold on to their jobs in the midst.   Meet the Space Janitors. Lame. 1 and #parent ep