Cable And The New Mutants TPB book download

Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld

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. 670,000 comic books for sale.  Cable (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Cable and the New Mutants teamed up with Wolverine and Sunfire against the MLF.  the dawn of the most action-packed decade in comic-book.  Cable & X-Force #1 On Sale Now Available in. Showing titles matching your search.  Comic Book Publishers.  Collecting NEW MUTANTS #87, CABLE.   Cable Classic Vol. Cable and the New Mutants comic books & 54,200 under 99¢.   Cable and the New Mutants TPB (1992) comic books  1st printing.  .   New Mutants Vol. 1 (Trade Paperback) | Comic Books | Comics. You can also view issues with text matching your search.. Written by Louise Simonson. Cable also led the New Mutants against the Genoshans With