My Oversoul contest entry for the second one, when it starts.

Ice lord (element ice)

This mighty Ice warrior fought his way to victory, using his imense power aswell as the magical powers of his giant sword. Whenever he kills a creature or a person, his sword freezes their soul and traps them in it. The more souls he gets, the more powerful he becomes. It's told he hides in an ice cave.
"I've captured many souls, I should turn them into soul gems, I'll be rich! Hahahaha!"

- Normal attack: Slashes sword
- Normal attack: He shoots an ice bolt at the enemy
- Stun: Ice breath
- 3 card attack: Puts sword in the ground. Goes near the enemy and stabs them with the spikes on his hand.
- 5 carc attack: His eyes start to glow with a weird sort of smoke as he smashes his sword in the ground, very deep. The swords unleashes 5 frozen souls from the gem, which fly through the air and attack the enemy. Then they return to the sword.