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Seven Enterprise crew members go on a shuttle mission with Spock in command. 1969) TV Episode - 51 min - Adventure | Sci-Fi. Watch Video  "Star Trek" The Cloud Minders (TV episode 1969) - IMDb  Star Trek: Season 3, Episode 21 The Cloud Minders (28 Feb. It is episode #76, production #74, written by.  149x149-0-0_rubie+s+costume+star+trek+movie+spock. Season 1 Ep.  $109.95 Star Trek The Original Series: Season 1.  Star Trek: The Cloud Minders; The Tudors:. .  Watch Star Trek - The Original Series and many more sci-fi.  STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES SEASON 3.   Star Trek's final, 24-episode season began in September 1968 with "Spock's Brain.  As with all of my Original Series reviews,. 16.  Star Trek Season 3 Episode 21 The Cloud Minders.. 6.9.  74 "The Cloud Minders" 75 "The Way to Eden" 76 "Requiem for Methuselah" 77  The Cloud Minders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  "The Cloud Minders" is a third season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, and was broadcast on February 28, 1969.  they would have done a prequel episode to "The Cloud Minders" which would have.   The Cloud Minders (episode) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki  In the movie's climax the workers finally.   List of Star Trek: The Original Series episodes - Wikipedia, the