Erakan was just 4 when he found out that his mother was light and his father was darkness. His father told Erakan that when the time is right, the darkness will take over him. Erakan was scared, he has heard many awful things of what the darkness could do to him. Erakan's mother told him that no matter what, there will always be light within him. And there will always be something there when he needed to be saved.

When Dage and Nulgath fought, the village needed strong protection, before Dage and Nulgath came to the village. They asked if Erakans mother and father would help, and they accepted. Erakans mother was sure that they wouldn't survive the war so she made an amulet to Erakan.

The day had come. Dage and Nulgath had arrived. They were both powerful and fearless. Erakan's mother and father hid Erakan in the basement. and his mother and father went to war.

3 hours has passed and he hadn't heard from them. So Erakan left the basement and ran out of the house. He saw everything and everyone destroyed. He saw his father dead but his mother still alive. He ran to her and asked what happend. She couldn't breath so she had to talk fast. She said ''We will always be there within you'' And gave him the amulet.

When Erakan equiped the amulet he felt the power of light. He felt un-stopable. 

20 years later. Erakan has growen and became stronger. He was now the leader of the village. He had to protect if the village was in danger. He fought many enemies. But one day the enemy attacked his amulet. He felt weaker.. He felt pain. He noticed the darkness would take over him if he let the amulet get destroyed.

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Controlled: Darkness will never take over me! Enemy: With the power i got from my mother, there's no way you can stop me!