@nulgath, @revontheus this is another of my entry for #oversoulcontest

Scythe Void (master form) element WATER * with a bit Shadow element cards like empower and mark of death
speak=May the darklord pleased to have a powerfull mortal soul like you!
controled=the dark lord told me that some mortals are weak but some are Powerfull, are you?
Attacks=               1= scythe slash
                            2= scythe slash and the other hand creating a beam
                            3= rotate *i dont know whats the proper english for that* the scythe and upperslash then lower slash stabing sthe ground and pull the scythe to make a horrible scar....
                            5= suppper rotate the schyte to make 3 hits then supper lower slash to stab the ground and creates a pillar of water *buuussssshhshshshshshshhs*

:):):):):):):)    XD