My entry to Oversoul's contest, the Painless Torturer. (final version)

After years reaching for power, this deranged sorcerer reached the point his body feels no pain anymore, allowing him to fight with all his ruthles potential, assaulting his enemyes with psychological attacks, usually driving insane anyone around, his crazy sadism followed by the constant grim even under the most excruciating wounds make him a very feared character in the Oversoul.

His element would be mostly darkness. His attacks would be colore purple.

1 hit: points his right hand and some kind of aura crushes the target
2 hits: lift book and two ghostly spikes erupt under the enemy
3 hits: 3 ghostly, bigger versions of his pins launches towards the enemy
4 hits: makes several pins and spikes erupt from under his feets towards the enemy
5 hits: book floats towards the enemy, Painless points his left hand and 5 ghostly spikes appears around the target and they all pierce through it like a voodoo dool

entry to @Nulgath and @Revontheus for #Oversoulcontest