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  Air arsenal North America: aircraft for the allies 1938-1945. Buy It Now. Worldwide.  Serial Number NA-16-1 (ID #X-2080. Auctions only. Customize view.  Bluesky 49 North; Blue Tornado; Brazilian Spotters Team.   The records show the Texan was used to train more military pilots from more countries of the world. North American airplanes (Military aircraft): Books North American airplanes (Military aircraft): Books.  Bruce British Military Aircraft Serials 1878-1987..   The 'AirNet' Web Site. Choose more Location.   Canadian aircraft with RAF serials, AA100 and up  The first Canadian owned aircraft with British style military serials were the.  aircraft references in log books,.  ICOM America , Inc.  List of military aircraft of the United States - Wikipedia, the. Products & reviews Beta.   Buzz number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  A buzz number was a large letter and number combination applied to United States Air Force military aircraft in