Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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alitz29 1230 days ago

i loved this pic!!!

adwiera 1232 days ago

jurus mengendalikan pikiran! :D

dororo_sj 1235 days ago

Yesong oppa so cool >////<

Cutiebaby90 1236 days ago

Huaahhh oppa Happy 2013!!! Omg honestly u look fantabulous here.

Gothick_love 1236 days ago

you have no idea how much I miss your tweets (╯_╰)

shflyryeong9 1236 days ago


Tannika85 1236 days ago


inA_Gadiss 1237 days ago

hey super yesung....

Gothick_love 1237 days ago

Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out ♫♬♪ have a beautiful day (*^ー^)ノ

inA_Gadiss 1237 days ago

miss u

Gothick_love 1237 days ago

good night ◑‿◐

soysauce81 1238 days ago

happy new year

zagurlzh 1238 days ago

love it and love u. Haa..

riskaayudastari 1238 days ago

i like i ilke^^

inA_Gadiss 1239 days ago

Don't envy!,,,siwon oppa have 3.000.000flwrs,you 1.800.000flwrs,because clouds always support you so much.... Oke i love u so much..

psmaria_92 1239 days ago

myMiStErSiMpLe 1239 days ago


inA_Gadiss 1239 days ago

oppa,i hope you like me, hahahahahahaha,

inA_Gadiss 1239 days ago

oppa,you are is the type of my boyfriend,,, hohohohohohohoho. ah.i'm crazy !! I think You look cute,calm and smart...

superjuniorbong 1239 days ago