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Buffy writers reunited.

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2392 days ago

Buffy writers reunited.


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darthmarion 2389 days ago

Merci beaucoup for this picture and the others! I love you maurissa!

Famini 2391 days ago

Thanks for taking such amazing pics at SDCC--and then sharing them with the rest of us!

yellowstark 2391 days ago

Je me sens nostalgique, d'un coup...

takewhat 2391 days ago

Ok, who was responsible for season 6 - take one step forward! *g*

visualtist 2391 days ago

Amazing life! I'll love to meet you all in one of those worlds within the next twenty years.

Sparkly_Louisa 2391 days ago

Dear everyone in this photo. Please give me a job. Please. Please. Pleeeeeease? That is all xxx

poloferret 2391 days ago

Yay! Look at all that talent!

kmwilliams 2392 days ago

Ultimate Drew = still dreamy! (but appears to be wearing wallpaper?) Have yet to fully forgive DeKnight & Whedon, however. Jane Espenson FTW! And hello Original Drew! Ah, the mists of fandoms past.

j0cefrdc 2392 days ago

First step get the in the same room, next make them write an episode of Buffy! What to subtle?

monkeypotchico 2392 days ago

you guys rock...I still try to spread the word of buffy to non-believers

rafatorino 2392 days ago

Aww there's too much awesome on that pic.

donbcivil 2392 days ago

More Buffy! For the love of God(s), have mercy on us fans...

trucherrygirl 2392 days ago

And what an awesome group of writers they are! :)

alfinathevague 2392 days ago

How cool are these folks, I ask you!

gossipguyyxoxo 2392 days ago

I didn't know Enver wrote for Buffy ;) nice pic :)

Vinity2 2392 days ago

Awesome! Best team ever!

crystalsinger 2392 days ago

Awwww! ♡

clevertitania 2392 days ago

To think back on how many times I wished those were my coworkers... *sigh*

cerasi05 2392 days ago


hugh_auld 2392 days ago

i think i just swooned... in my underpants. i have to go change my briefs.