UFC Fight Night: Maia vs Shields LIVE October 9th on FOX Sports 1

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717 days ago

Checking in with dos Santos - a message for his fans


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2itterio 713 days ago

I was rooting for Cain, but you are a great fighter and person.

Bornin86 714 days ago

Dude you need to win at least 2 more fights against top contenders cos you got Dominated for 5 rounds straight ! O wait let me think, you thought you were gonna pull an Anderson Silva ?

ToNgKunG8 715 days ago

สู้ๆ นะครับ พี่

ToNgKunG8 715 days ago

Love JDS for fan thailand

mvayne80 715 days ago

U found out that u can recover from a takedown so just let your hands go from the start and u will KO CV.

mvayne80 715 days ago

In my opinion you are still the best Junior. Remember what you did in the 1st fight and do it again!!!

idriva1970 715 days ago

hey Junior I know U it's going to come back because You are a very strong dude, but listen to your coach keep your hands up, Up man and You gonna come back stronger than ever I trust You and I know that You can knock Out any one but HANDS UP We learn a lo

coheedancambria 716 days ago

Man Junior you have a big heart - come back - the world was right when you were champion.....We are all wishing for your return!!! You have fans around the world wishing you well and waiting for your return!!!!!!

pinsoman 716 days ago

You are a great guy, work more on your cardio, try to have a balanced body, no need for big muscles or weight. See Cain, he is not ripped but has a great cardio, i believe you'll win the next match against him.

thepiotrsk 716 days ago

You are the best! Greetings from wild fans from Poland! :)

nedim_88 716 days ago

junior i am ur biggest fan,u are my hero,,come back stronger than ever,u ur indestructable,,!!war santos

HammertownMMA 716 days ago

We love you Junior!!!

calaveracrusher 716 days ago

And you will be the champ again,thats for sure...Forca Cigano!!!

Lars_Chris 716 days ago

I am glad your hands are ok champ. Looking forward to seeing you come back and fight again. Stay blessed!

stanar79 717 days ago

Get well and return stronger than ever. Amazing fight. Heart of the lion.

searchsurf 717 days ago

Forca Campeao! Ja te vejo bem melhor! vamo q vamo!!!