Eun Hyuk


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fuckyoudragon 1399 days ago

good morning oppas!! XD

AngiieKim 1401 days ago

I love the color blue

ratsavadee 1407 days ago


JurisRulona0403 1412 days ago

EunHae Forever !!

Z_LiNa08 1419 days ago

Blue hair combine with your jacket) It's funny and unusually)

meretmaayta 1422 days ago

very handsome

fiahfis931028 1425 days ago


CathArchie 1427 days ago


MummaFerret 1431 days ago

Eunhyuk <3

elfsjlvoe_ 1432 days ago

eunhyuk oppa!! you are so really really handsome, lurv u

Rraa48 1433 days ago

eunhae moment >< aish

1234Eye 1433 days ago

Love snow so much, EunHyuk oppa you really handsome, love you so much

BadaAkemy 1434 days ago

Oppas look great love them

Tasha__Tasha 1434 days ago

Let this new year bring happiness
Sapphire thread will always unite all hearts E.L.F. & SuJu

alitz29 1434 days ago

Oppa Hyukjae i loved your hair... its amazing. Blue <3

Prih_montmac 1434 days ago

Happy 2013! :)

Kalinlyf 1434 days ago

Happy New Year 2013 EunHyuk oppa and DongHae oppa

qynook 1434 days ago

Look at me > ///<

Yenilina 1434 days ago

Eunhyuk and Donghae Oppa Happy NewYear.. ^^

MadziaVelMadzik 1434 days ago

I'm so happy to see your cheerful face oppa :D Happy New Year~!! ♥ hope to meet you again in 2013 :D