Name: shigu
Element: Neutral
Caption: You will never understand the power of a god.
Brief history:
Shigu is a former apprendice when Nulgath was still aswering for Miltonius, before beeing banished to the Oversoul. But beforehand, he let a legacy in Shigu's left arm, with some power for all the time as loyal servant.
When he knew Nulgath had been banished, Shigu decided to go to the underworld, meet the "new" nulgath to proove how strong he has become, to the point of beeing the new ruler in the Underworld. Shigu thinks that defeating Nulgath,, he will have the real power of the gods.


1 hit: slashes the enemy with a katana
2 hits: slashes with the katana, followed by damagig the enemy with his left claw.
3 hits: two hits with the katana and slashes with the left hand.
4 hits: summons a betrayal blade of nulgath from a portal and attacks the enemy 4 times.
5 hits: summon two portals where 2 betrayal blades appears and attack the enemy 5 times by themselves.