Name: Norro the Shadow berserker.

Story: Norro was a very succesful Beta Berserker but he was quickly becoming bored of Lore. One day he heard that Nulgath 
was summoning his troops to another dimension. He decided he wanted to go with them, so he snuck into their camp and went
with them to Nulgath. He made it ther without a problem but Nulgath quickly spotted him due to his lack of power. Since 
Nulgath is kind, he had mercy on him and let him stay. Norro quickly advanced in rank and was made general.

attacks: 1 hit attack: dark matter swirls around his right arm and a sword grows, he hacks at the opponent with it

2 hit attack: dark matter swirls around both his arms. The same sword as in the 1 hit attack grows out of his right
arm and on his left arm, an axe grows. He stabs his opponent with the sword then hacks with the axe.

3 hit attack:  same animation as on the 2 hit attack, but this time he hacks twice with his axe

5 hit attack: dark matter swirls around his whole body and he turns into a dragon that blows dark fire at his enemy.

Battle quotes: 

enemy: I can do all things through Nulgath who strenghtens me.

player controlled: Go team Nulgath!!! Go team Nulgath!!!

Notes: He is a Legendary character. He kind of looks like an AQW character because he comes from AQW