Scorpion-kin Desertwalker (Colored)

"Get over here!"
"I'll show you who's the true scorpion king."

The scorpion-kin are natural survivors. After being cast away and banished from the great 6 year war for their betrayal, the scorpion-kin have learned to adapt to the harsh and unforgiving wastelands. Their reputation as ruthless warriors and implacable hunters has lead the elders of other kin to tell tales of them in order to ward off the more reckless youth from foolishly wandering into the deserts.

Element: Earth

1 hit: smacks with claw
2 hits: smacks twice
3 hit combo: stabs with tail thrice
5 hit combo: Buries underground and later, giant spikes of rock appear beneath the enemy and stab them for massive damage.