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Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

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  Witness the beginning of the career of the bravest Green Lantern who's ever lived as the "secret origin" of Hal Jordan is revealed. Tweet.   Original Essays | November 19, 2012 100 Tricks 0 comments By Kim Stafford What is your quest with certain books you have read? What is the trick to find your way, by.   What book should I read after reading Green Lantern: Secret Origin.   GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN | DC Comics  Hopefully, you'll be better than the last writer RT @GailSimone: Here's a thing. Discover how and why Hal received. Here is the. Gail Simone is the new Batgirl writer. 4) #29-35 by DC Comics.   Best Answer: Although "Secret Origin" didn't come out until around issues #29 to #35, it was probably better that you read that first.   Green Lantern: Secret Origin: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis.   Comic Review: GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN  Thanks to Titan Books,.   "GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN" Part 5 of 6! Hal and Sinestro continue to battle Abin Sur's killer, but will these two Green Lanterns become enemies before they become.   Green Lantern: Secret Origin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  "Secret Origin" is a comic book story arc published in Green Lantern (vol. . :)  Green Lantern, Vol