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Element: Chaos/Shadow

Name: Bleu (from the CAPCOM Breath Of Fire game)

Info: She is a Beautiful Snake Goddess and very expert in Elemental Sorcery and Witchcraft.. She already lived Billions of years because she is Immortal..

Speech Bubble
Controlled: Don't stare at me like that ! or I would offer you Death !
Enemy: My Snake Orb Staff means Death ! HAHA !

Possible Attack Animation
1 Hit: Summons Green thunder from the skies(raising her staff)
2 Hit: go to the enemy and uses her tail to hit the enemy twice
3 Hit Combo: raising her staff and a Blue Fire Ball comes out to the green orb in her snake staff hitting the enemy 3 times
5 Hit Combo: raising her staff again.. the ground in the center of the battle area Cracks and head and body of a Large Green Cobra will come out and then breathes Blue Smoke for the first 3 hits and next by biting with its fangs for the last 2 hits.. Note: the half body of the Cobra is just stayed under the ground.. only half of its body is being seen w/c is the one with the head part..
Charge Animation: Raising her staff and purple curvy thingy lines will be coming out from the enemy then enters her staff.. if you don't know what I mean.. it was the charge effects of the Vampire Lord.. but change it to Purple instead of Red..

Sorry for having many effects with different colors because BLEU is an Elemental Sorceress..
Note: Her name is BLEU.. not the Color BLUE..

Credits to: CAPCOM company.. Breath Of Fire Game..
Good Luck to Everyone ! :)