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[VIDEO] Documentary series "Understanding the Crisis" at the CCCB



Today Friday 28 starts this magnificent documentary series Research Centre for Contemporary Culture.

This cycle is the opportunity to see the effects of privatization in Greece (the "Catastroika"), as Icelanders n'estan be leaving the "crisis" ("The Viking Way"), how some cooperatives (the " Together ") ...

A free opportunity to see and understand where we come from and what will come if the current leaders follow the same line and changing economic, social ...

The following days and times of screenings of documentaries and synopsis.

The screenings begin at 18pm on Friday  and will be on 28, 29 and 30 and December 3 and 4 January. Are in the main lobby of the CCCB from 18 to 20pm with free admission but limited.

More of this series on the  CCCB website .


The Money Fix ("The solution to money," 2009) that speaks of our historical and current relationship with money.

Catastroika (2012) is a Greek documentary about the serious consequences of privatization of enterprises and public properties.

Together (2012) is the experience of a number of unions and survive the crisis.

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis ("Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis", 2010) makes a deep analysis of the economic events of recent years and questions on what may be the solution.

Payback (2011), based on the book by Margaret Atwood, reflecting on the concept of "debt" in these serious times

The Viking Way (2012) or the Icelanders are coming out of the crisis by using their own methods, completely different measures of the EU and the International Monetary Fund.


Friday 28 December 
18h Payback , 82 '

Saturday December 29 
18pm The Viking Way , 50 ' 
19h Together , 40 '

Sunday December 30 
18pm The Money Fix , 80 '

Thursday January 3 
18h Catastroika , 87 '

Friday January 4 
18pm The Viking Way , 50 ' 
19h Overdose, The Next Financial Crisis , 47 '

(All documents are the original version with Spanish subtitles )

The CCCB is the c. Montalegre 5 (Barcelona). | Directions

- WARNING Some of these documents can be found on YouTube. As is the case with "Catastroika '( follow this link .) -