@Nulgath #oversoulcontest

Spider-kin weavers (colored)

"Look what I caught for dinner" (player controlled)
"Looks like someone wandered into a not-so-friendly neighborhood" (enemy)

The spider-kin are a race reviled by many and understood by few. What they lack in brute strength, they make up with agility and cunning. They say those who are foolish enough to trip on their webs are doomed to a gruesome death.

Element: Shadow

1 hit - Will shoot a web overhead and will make a swinging kick towards the enemy
2 hit - same as 1 attack, but after the kick, it is followed by a midair slash.
3 hit combo - same as two hit combo, but after landing from the slash, the spider-kin then makes one more pounce towards the enemy.
5 hit combo - Using web to propel himself towards the enemy, the spider-kin then zips around the enemy, attacking him while leaving a web trail, forming a pattern of a magic circle and then makes it explode. 

(Redone digitized line art credits to a good friend of mine, if you can read this dave, thanks ^_^)