FIrefly-kin firestarter (colored)

"I love the smell of magefire in the morning"
"You can't take the sky from me."

Born with sacs that create a mysterious flame known only as magefire, the firefly kin are dangerous beings that one should never trifle with. The constant exposure to the magefire affects their thinking process, making them as aggressive, reckless, and destructive as the very essence of fire themselves. Most citizens tend to stay away from these crazed pyromaniacs only to have them raze entire villages in their many bouts of inebriation.

1 hit: flying charge towards the enemy that leaves a glowing red trail
2 hits: flying charge and point blank fireball. also has the same glow trail
3 hit combo: charges up both hands with fire and tackles the enemy while pummeling him.
5 hit combo: charges up a giant ball of fire and tackles the enemy and releases the fire at point blank, releasing a torrent of flame.