Reupload for #oversoulcontest. Deep in the forests there lives a tribe of natural born wolfman. Unlike werewolf, they are more likely to be natural wolf that have evolved over time, so they don't have a human form. They are very smart, can speak human languege and can use weapons and magic. And just like normal werewolves they have a lot of brute strength and speed. They mostly scavenge or steal weapons from human but they can also make their own blades too. Like wolves, they work in packs. But sometimes there exist a few individual who lives and hunt alone, just like normal wolves. This one in particular came from the north, where the temperature is low all year round. These wolfmen are adept at using a combination of ice magic to restrict their opponent and shield themselves while rapidly attacking their opponent with their blades and fangs.
Element: Ice with neutral card
Speech Bubble Lines:
Controlled: The things my blades cannot cut, are next to none.
Opponent: A challenge? My primal instinct would never oblige to say no.