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Odanata-kin hunterscouts (colored)

"Gravity, it's not just a good idea, it's the law."
"Looks like I'm gonna need a wingman."

The odanata-kin are well renowned for birthing out many of the best fliers in the country. As most younglings are brash and cocky in their youth, those who make it through the perilous ordeal all undergo upon earning their wings have earned nerves of steel tempered by the fires of danger that they face as they work day to day as hunters, warriors, and messengers.

Element: Energy

1 hit: Flies through enemy, damaging him.
2 hits: flies back and forth through the enemy, dealing damage.
3 hit combo does a spinning dive towards the enemy, hitting him thrice.
5 hit combo: Slams the enemy with his tail and flies through them multiple times while they're in midair.