Kang in


입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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1306 days ago


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soysauce81 1304 days ago

fighting! you lost a lot of weight btw!!

jongwoongurl 1305 days ago

so close!! I LOVE YOU!!!! U make me love 2WOON so much!!!! I love their blonde hair!!

qynook 1305 days ago

예쁘다! ^^ ㅋㅋ

GnsisCamomile 1305 days ago


GeraldineMoZa 1305 days ago

hot!!! *----------*

FKy_LeeYoung 1306 days ago

Pretty like a girl =))

xXfamparXx 1306 days ago

gorgeous !!

Chagia940618 1306 days ago

So sexy kang in oppa...!!

Lady_Churnie 1306 days ago

Oppa_Bear...after you diet,i think you look like G-Dragon... kkkkkk... peace *v* can you tell to your DAUGHTER Uri_Sungminnie to diet too?

Titaafriani77 1306 days ago

l like this .. :)

beloved_SJ 1306 days ago

diet berhasil omgggggg

I__94 1306 days ago

Aku Cinta Kamu, Oppa. Be Yourself because I lovee Yourself :)

AllRiseYulia 1306 days ago


POsalient_ 1306 days ago

Why you're so beautiful oppa?! T.T

eugenie017 1306 days ago

sexy Kangin! ^^

CanadaELFDiana 1306 days ago

Kangin you are so sexy!! You look like a teenager!

MadieloveRacoon 1306 days ago

Te amo Kangin!! I love your eyes in that picture, you look so beautiful my baby ♥ I love you ♥

lolo12012 1306 days ago


Rafaelamvieira 1306 days ago

How long will that take? you're pretty good

ca3sa_88 1306 days ago

so pretty ;)
u looks lose some weight, but i hope u still eat well oppa...
take care of ur health..eat n rest well too.. gud nite ;)