@Nulgath @Revontheus #oversoulcontest  The Angelic Vigil. His name is Azazel. I would love for him to be a Water/Light hybrid.Opening quote "The Doors to the Overworld have been barred. Leave this place of suffer" Winning quote "I am sorry, I will be sure to escort your soul to ascension.) 
Story time :D 
In his time as a High priest, Azazel only sought the glory of the heavens. As he searched, He found what he was looking for. Only the glory of the heavens were too great for his mortal body, He was killed and his soul brought back as the Eternal guard, to serve as heavens protector until the end of time its self. When the Heavens were closed due to the Dark lord Nulgaths arrival, Azazel was sent to protect it once again.

(Sorry its on lined paper, Had to rush it to get it out of my head. Hope you like it Thanks Again! :D )