My character suggestion for Oversoul, "DarkonDrago."

Story time!

Many people seek power from the great fiend Nulgath, they received power, and they all paid the price. A sorcerer known as DarkonDrago was one of them. He wanted power, but more than what others before him received. And because Nulgath is kind, he got what he wanted. 
Now he is a vessel for the great dragon of the abyss, but to gain this power, he have to sacrificed his hands in order to open the portals, chaining them inside the void.

You might say that the only thing keeping Nulgath away from taking his soul, is that the dragon might be of use to Nulgath. 
Truth is, DarkonDrago life means nothing to the great fiend.

His element would be shadow

speech bubble lines
Controlled: "My soul belong to the Dark Lord, and so is your..."
Enemy: "Power... Is everything."

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