(Reupload for the Oversoul contest)
The left one is (Quintenii) The Crazy Cowboy!
He is evil, due to his commander; Nulgath.
He is not a void character yet, but he completes Nulgath's tasks to get more
and more weapons from his abyss lord.
Once he completed over a 100 quests for his lord.
The lord granted him a wish; and he wished for the powers of the void.
He evolved into (Roroth) Gunslinger from the void. (Evil)
He might be just as powerful as his lord.
But is he smart enough to use his powers? Or just some crazy void cowboy? 

In short: Left one is "Crazy cowboy" (Evil)
Possible animations:
- Shooting (basic)
- Stabing (basic)
- Call for the Abyss (Nulgath empowers him)
- 5 card attack (He laughs like a crazy cowboy would ;) and then he starts spraying with his gun; shooting some bullets into the enemy and finishing the 5card combo of with some stabs

Right one: "Gunslinger of the Abyss" (Evil)
(The evolution of the crazy cowboy)
Possible animations
- Roaring so hard it stuns the enemy for a short time
- Scratching the enemy (basic)
- Shooting with some shotgun (basic)
- Bite (basic)
- 5 card attack; The air becomes darkened, as Roroth's eyes start to glow.. Then he uses the powers which he gained from his lord. Scratching and biting the enemy like a wild man.