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Hi this is Miley. I love rainbows, John Lennon, and Franklin, Tennessee.

Kickin' it at the studio with @mommytish =] yipee!

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2586 days ago

Kickin' it at the studio with =] yipee!


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makesherglow 1984 days ago

Posted on July 26, 2009
by mileycyrus

nessa epoca ela ja tinha deletado?

makesherglow 1984 days ago

please back to twitter D= we have so bad without you on twitter, PLS BACK,

mcyruscom 1984 days ago

Bom, aqui é o Twitpic da Miley, quando ela exclui o seu Twitter, o Twitpic dela não deletou. Então na legenda da foto, ela colocou o user (nome do Twitter) da mãe.

amandabnunes_ 2128 days ago


LovatoisPerfect 2139 days ago

Cyrus ♥

idonttcare 2187 days ago

Tia Tish. <3

Esssy96 2220 days ago


bieberforever92 2237 days ago

you mom is to :*

GlitterSwifty 2376 days ago

if you want to talk to miley follow me - she is on my account sometimes - cuz i know her privy - and that is NO joke!

BrazilianPayne 2377 days ago

miley and tish

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peaceeloovee 2408 days ago


heycecilia 2423 days ago

ROCKS ROCKS , please come back to twitter . we love you !

Melyys 2431 days ago

q cara de pete q tiene tu vieja.. con todo el respeto a la señora ?)

MrrjArA 2515 days ago

como haces hasta haciendo esas caras
te ves super
t quiero resto
mi correo es

sarahvmf 2515 days ago

eu no fone q

ButterflyCyrus 2516 days ago

Jeah i Love that =]

LittLeAnnii 2516 days ago

your mommy is great :D

pelufina 2517 days ago

Your piercing is real?

cieelocyrus 2517 days ago

ring ring is mommy tish and miley LOL.♥