Kang in


입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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1278 days ago


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alitz29 1276 days ago

Omo!!... Your are HOT!

jongwoongurl 1276 days ago

COOL! HANDSOME and ;AAAA; PERFECTO!! I cant........ U look so thin here right??

loliyss5 1277 days ago

Oppa you feel very good that maybe hair color I also paint your partner to have hair my hair is really long as Rapunzel

AllRiseYulia 1277 days ago

So cool ^^ and so cute ^^

qynook 1278 days ago

뽀뽀 ^3^

weiny13 1278 days ago

Who is that?? Ahjhussi???

ChoiDongRim 1278 days ago

Kkkk! You are so cute!

MadieloveRacoon 1278 days ago

You look very handsome but please stop loosing weight.;( You dont need to lose more I love you <3

Chiar0scuro 1278 days ago

you take care too...

beloved_SJ 1278 days ago

kangking !!!!! ^^

ELFPumpkins 1278 days ago

Nice Oppa ^^

Petal_Ahphy 1278 days ago

Brilliant! Kangin!! Keep on going ~ Fighting!!!!!

zter89 1278 days ago

^ - ^ . Good luck oppa !!!!

eripatito93 1278 days ago


CIw_9012 1278 days ago

Oppa jelek :p

GeraldineMoZa 1278 days ago

=O sexy,sexy,sexy!!!!

CanadaELFDiana 1278 days ago

You're so sexy ;)

Chagia940618 1278 days ago

So sexy,...!!!?

eugenie017 1278 days ago

so cool~ ^^

GnsisCamomile 1278 days ago

Don't put your mouth like that! U have got that I crashed into the PC monitor. It's so frustrating