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입꼬리가 저절로 올라간다잉..ㅋ

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1487 days ago


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AleKpoper 1468 days ago

당신은 아름다운 kangin이야

incrediblepand1 1482 days ago

Ah..I want a kangteuk selca...

zeepumpkin13 1482 days ago

Ow ow.. So cool oppa >////<

tumza141 1483 days ago


jongwoongurl 1484 days ago

HANDSOME!!!! So 2WOON now are blonde hair brother!!!!! (cc to ) Hey cute

huongjang1008 1486 days ago

Xem co con dua nao noi anh beo ko!^^
You are so handsome!;)

CathArchie 1486 days ago

I love it!

Lamoderna15 1486 days ago

I like the color of your hair that is not to say that is not pretty.

Rafaelamvieira 1486 days ago


babykim3424 1486 days ago

handsome~ >///<
I like 2Woon blonde hair >////<

xFernis 1486 days ago

woo ! me encanta ! buen trabajo (Y)(Y) ;)

angeliq92 1486 days ago

very very very handsome Kanginnie ❤❤ :>333<:

MeninoAnchova 1486 days ago

Donghae bebê. sz

MeninoAnchova 1486 days ago

Oh Kangin, eu já tenho Hyuk pra chorar pelo cabelo, faz um favor pra tia e se arrume.

iheartSMl 1486 days ago

Hey Handsome!!!!!

ymnlita 1486 days ago


lianikarina0611 1486 days ago

Double Handsome!!!!! :D

tu_shitta 1487 days ago

That's not oke, oppa.. That's perfect! XD

wintergyu 1487 days ago

Perfect.........but 2woon selca please .....?.:)

Lady_Churnie 1487 days ago

Kangin Oppa_Bear you look skinny and so much handsome!!!!!!!!! the best outfit dan the best look! Korean no.1 Handsome guy!!!!!!!!!