From Robbins, IL..I'm a father First and everything else after that...

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2091 days ago


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MMyhre 2090 days ago


chaisebanks 2090 days ago

lmao lmao dwyane dwyane da best basketball player running from a bird (i wud do the same)lol

imaddicted2u 2091 days ago

poor lil thing, his lil wings r tired, he wants to take the plane with u :)

nishajoshi12 2091 days ago

Funny!! But how did it get inside the airport anyways?? Weird!!

beebeejones10 2091 days ago

Where is it?

echoestar 2091 days ago

omg I hate birds my as woulda been runnin too! lol

echoestar 2091 days ago

omg I hate birds my as woulda been runnin too! lol

geromehudson 2091 days ago

A bird at an airport? What a lazy bird! Is he flying Southwest?

canes0097 2091 days ago

I will eat that bird alive if you convince odom to come home!

babygirl3340 2091 days ago

That little thing?!? U can barely see it!!

timbox29 2091 days ago

hahaha that's the shiznit

MzBabyPhat85 2091 days ago

um ok!!

MoreThanThat614 2091 days ago

that little thing??
wow lol wat can it do to u??

kimo1961 2091 days ago

I'll eat the bird if you call L.O.

kimo1961 2091 days ago

Kobe is calling, you need to give L.O. another call. :)

DREAM305 2091 days ago


fairwayfun 2091 days ago

its got to be smaller than ur palm girl

stellarini 2091 days ago

U better watch out D he'll get his whole crew on you lol nah man he's harmless!

DDluvs 2091 days ago


htownluscious 2091 days ago

That little bird cut it out