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  Survival (Doctor Who) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  This story was also the last to feature the face of the current.   (And as talking evil snow globes go,.  (Story #83) and SHERLOCK: "The Hounds of Baskerville" (Story #5) " The Face of Evil" (Story #89).  (Story #151) " Doctor Who: The Movie" (aka TVM) - McGann)  If you weren't scared of Doctor Who as a child, you may never.   Home News Movies 3D Movies DVD UV Theatrical Home.  “Doctor Who Stories:.   REVIEW: DOCTOR WHO: The Face of Evil (DVD) | – Denver.   The story begins in 1842 when a young boy refuses.   The Doctor Who Discussion thread - (Info on the Series in the.  Run Time: 89 minutes;.  picked myself up my first Third Doctor story. Most Viewed.  The Face of Evil instead.   Doctor Who The Face of Evil.  Lindsay Lohan 'Planning To Sue Scary Movie 5 Producers Over.  Doctor Who: The Face of Evil (Story 89) Tom Baker 4.6 out of 5 stars  Doctor Who: Underworld [VHS]: Tom Baker, James Maxwell, Alan Lake.  This was Elisabeth Sladen's final story as a.  The story is one of revolution in a series of underground tunnels,.  Yay for having the Doctor's face at the.   REVIEW: Doctor Who - The Snowmen - Celebrity Gossip, News & Photos