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 "Taxes" Reagan, 1966 (Video Clip) The Taxman Cometh - The Navigation Act (Web Exclusive).   Watch The Taxman Cometh: The Boston Tea Party online | Free | Hulu  Watch The Taxman Cometh: The Boston Tea Party free online..   Boston Tea Party — History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts  videos13; photo galleries5; interactives1; American Revolution Video; The Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party Video; Colonists Protest British Policies  Film | Tea Party Boston  Well, I am on my way home from a very successful film shoot. Video Clip (1:03) It was on December 16, 1773 that American rebels disguised themselves as Indians and threw.  Boston Tea Party Video — History.com - History.com — History.  Johnny Tremain - The Boston Tea Party Preview - YouTube  1957 Hasn't everybody seen this movie in American History class? +End credits  Amazon.com: Liberty's Kids - The Boston Tea Party (Vol.   Video for high school about the Boston Tea Party.. I can’t say enough about the folks at Kevin Hershberger and his team at Lionheart Filmworks.   Liberty`s Kids: #01 "The Boston Tea Party" (1/2) - YouTube  Liberty`s Kids Season 1 Episode 01 Part 1/2 "The Boston Tea Party" Synopsis: Ben Franklin, Moses, and James discover disguised colonists raiding the tea. Check out our American Revolution video collection.  A video detailing several aspects of the Boston Tea Party, such as the people involved, the event,.   It's the dead of night in Boston Harbor and our intrepid reporters, Sarah and James, spot colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians sneaking aboard British ships and.   This Day in History: 12/16/1773 - The Boston Tea Party. .   Boston Tea Party - WatchKnowLearn - Free Educational Videos for K.   TEA PARTY: The Documentary Film -- The Movie of the Movement  THE MOVIE OF THE MOVEMENT - Freedoms March Has a New Generation of Patriots  Boston Tea Party - Video - Kidport Home Page  Learn more about the American Revolution