Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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dragunova0530 1003 days ago

지금은 아무도 못믿으시겠다 싶은데요 언젠간 오빠 저를 믿어주실때까지 전 몇번이고 싸우겠고 몇번이고 무릎을펴서 일어서겠어요 그렇기에 지금까지 흔들리지않고 같이 가시밭길을 걸어온것이지요

MaJoToKiTa4EvEr 1215 days ago

YESUNG!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥.♥

CeciliaTercero 1241 days ago

Even when you dislike 2013 I just wanted to wish you the best... Happiness, Good health, Good luck for new challenges & many more!!:・。♪☆A Happy New Year(*‘∇‘) ゚・:*:・。♪☆<33333:*

MayesunGd 1241 days ago

very very handsome oppa :*
saranghaeyo i love u

inA_Gadiss 1242 days ago

happy sunday yesung oppa,

karlitaHarvey 1242 days ago

Porque odia el 2013??? :(:( I Love U ❤❤

Clouds_Ecuador 1242 days ago

handsome uri prince !!!

dDew_21Wy 1243 days ago

I'm happy,, oppa change hair color, blonde hair colors suited for oppa,,

dDew_21Wy 1243 days ago

I'm happy,, oppa change hair color,, blonde colors suited for oppa,,

Eveleeteuk 1243 days ago

คิคิ น่ารักนะ

jiorlani 1244 days ago

hai great man,can with and hear your beautifull voice in music bank on march.SUJU sarange.Gbu

shfgy3424 1244 days ago

I love U ❤❤

zter89 1244 days ago

encouragement oppa!!!
2013 will be a excellent year for you
don't worry, fighting!!!! ^ - ^....❤

inA_Gadiss 1244 days ago

good mrng oppa.,have a nice day, dear . . .

script_sj 1244 days ago

Iam sure that 2013 will be happy and comfortable 4 u and me :) may be i visit Mouse Rabbit^_^

sarahYcloud 1244 days ago

Oppa 2013 will be great .. Please don't worry about that.. Love U for ever my prince

IndaahShfly2424 1244 days ago

saranghae oppa...i like this blonde hair :)

jennyretaaa 1244 days ago


yeye_kaulitz 1244 days ago

so sweet!!!! saranghae!!!!!!

Shofy7 1244 days ago

que lindo :)