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Valerie Porter

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  Shire Library #603: The British Milkman by Tom Phelps - Powell's Books  Shire Library #603 by Tom Phelps: Tracing the footsteps of British milkman over the past one hundred years, this book takes a nostalgic look at a great British tradition..   Series: Shire Album - LibraryThing | Catalog your books online  British Cattle (Shire Library) by Val Porter #392: Mausoleums (Shire Album) by Lynn F.   Shire. 1700-1900.   Breeds of Livestock - Shire Horses - Welcome to the Department of. Know Your Sheep .  a native development of that British 'War Horse.  now such a familiar element of the British townscape,.  A History of British Livestock Husbandry.  livestock was tended, fields were ploughed,.  to Volume 1 of the stud book.   British Cattle (Shire Album): Val Porter: Books  British Cattle (Shire Album): Val Porter: Books. The origin of the. "The Shire horse is the purest survival of an early type.  British Pigs (Shire Library) Val Porter Paperback £4.49. Jack Byard  British Sheep Breeds (Shire Library): Elizabeth. Paperback  British Motorcycles of the 1960s and 70s (Shire Library) [Paperback]  About the Author Mick Walker is acknowledged as one of the world's leading motorcycle authorities.   British Postcards of the First World War (Shire Library) [Paperback]  Peter Doyle is a scientist and military historian specializing in the role of terrain in warfare.  (A Shire Book) by Tony Conder #427: The Victorian Policeman.   Welcome to Shire Books  Welcome to Shire Books.