I'M FUCKING GRYING, OKAY? I can't take it anymore. I just can't. #bravery

"Hurts so much feel how this young, innocent and good boy (who discovered what is true love and found it so early and so deeply love Louis) suffers for love and have to endure all this and can’t scream what’s inside his chest… I can almost say that I am him for feel so much pain, but only he knows what really is be in that situation. And people don’t realize, or rather don’t want to see the truth about Harry and Louis. Can I cry now? God, i just want them happy and together, is that much? Wish for the happiness of two people in love? My happiness has become this couple. I can’t come back. Became a fact. Became my life. I don’t care if this makes me seem like a sick, I’m a sick. Sick to see the happiness for everyone, sick for the world accept that love is equal. That to love someone don’t need gender, race, religion, beauty… nothing like that. We just love and we can’t do anything about it or about who is. We can’t change. The only thing that can and should be changed is the negative actions about it. "